How to Make Money Online in 2021

Make Money Online Selling Fragrances

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to social distancing and lockdown measures that have all but halted the global workforce, essentially closing down the world’s economy.

Aside from the horrific death tolls in both third-world and westernized countries alike, and the huge strains placed on health services around the globe, the economic impact is very real.

With many governments implementing financial aid packages to prop up businesses, the furlough scheme about to end, and unemployment rising, business leaders, union members, and furloughed employees are becoming increasingly twitchy about the months ahead.

While the severity of the fiscal and employment situation depends on measures implemented to mitigate and control it, the likelihood of rising unemployment is a certainty, as businesses struggle to take the burden of having to pay staff wages, without having adequate time to sufficiently recover from the COVID-19 pressures and reduction in custom.

The reality is, more people are going to be out of work very soon.

So, where does that leave those victims of COVID-19 who, through no fault of their own, have been let go by their employer and have no money coming in?

Start a side hustle, be your own boss, and make money online.

Full disclosure…

This post is about making money through FM World.

While there are many, many ways in which you can make money in the digital space, as an FM World Distributor, I’m here to convince you that joining FM World is the one for you.

Whether you’ve heard of FM before — be it good, bad, or indifferent — or not, bear with me and just spend another couple of minutes reading before you make up your mind.

It may well change your life and help you through the tough months ahead.

One of the great things about this opportunity is that it’s open to anyone.

Whether you’re technically savvy or virtually IT illiterate, you can sell FM fragrances and become successful as an FM Business Partner.

Whether your customer base is the readers of your website blog, your social following, or your close circle of friends and family, everyone can make money with FM.

As I mentioned previously, with FM, you can drive customers from anywhere.

Be that offline, through word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family, on social media, through your network of followers, or on search engines, by driving traffic to your website or blog that then converts into paying customers for your perfumes and cosmetic products.

With so many pools of customers to choose from, diversification — and therefore security — are built into your online business.

Like customer diversification, revenue diversification is key to the long-term stability and security of any business.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

It’s important to know that, should one of your revenue streams collapse for whatever reason, there’s another couple propping you up and supporting as you investigate and look to recover.

Another great thing about FM is that you can earn cash in multiple different ways…

Firstly, you earn direct profit on every FM cosmetics product you sell.

This is because, as a distributor, you purchase products from the FM World shop at a discounted rate.

Once you sell these products to your customers at recommended retail price, you make a markup of around 33% on average.

In essence, you make around 33% profit on every product you sell.

Secondly, you earn ‘points’ for every product you sell.

In simple terms, points are worth a commission payment at the end of each month.

The more points you collect, the more you receive in commission.

So, when your selling products to your customers, you’re not only making an instant cash profit on the cost of each product, you’re also banking up commission payments.

Thirdly, you can build your own FM team.

This sounds more complicated than it is and there’s very little to it.

In simple terms, for every person you recruit (who joins your team), you also receive the equivalent of their points, too.

So, for example, if you were to sell enough bottles of perfume that you earned 100 personal points, and you had five team members who each earned 100 personal points, as you’re their ‘upline’ (you recruited them), you actually receive the same number of points as your group received.

These are called ‘group points’.

In our example, although you’d have only earned 100 personal points, you’d actually receive 600 points worth of commission (your personal 100 points + your 500 group points).

So, the more you build your team, and the more they build their teams, and so on, the more points you receive, and subsequently, the more commission payments you receive.

Sell and recruit.

It’s that simple.

This isn’t a pyramid scheme.

There are no sales targets.

There is no obligation to sell.

There is no obligation to recruit.

You work under your own direction and at your own pace.

If you don’t like it, you can stop at any point.

What’s more, there’s no upfront purchase of stock or investment of any sort required.

You only purchase and pay for products once a customer has paid you, meaning you’re never out of pocket.

FM recently launched in Australia and there are plans for a US launch in 2021, with huge growth potential in the years to come; particularly for early adopters who sign up now and focus on recruitment.

With the potential to earn a residual income, commission payments, gain a company car, and attend annual retreats to exotic locations, as well as very little risk and zero initial outlay or cost, you have very little to lose through FM and potentially a lot to gain.

Join FM World today and see for yourself.



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